Did you know Beads of Courage has been to space twice? On May 14, 2010, we made bead history when we launched artist-made glass beads into space as part of the payload on the NASA Atlantis Space Shuttle Mission STS-132. One year later, beads were again sent to low-Earth orbit aboard Space Shuttle Endeavour Mission STS-134.

The Beads in Space project came to fruition through bead dad Jamie Newton, a NASA contractor, whose daughter Sydney received beads during her treatment for childhood cancer. You can read more about Beads in Space on the NASA website.

Take a look below as we continue to provide OUT OF THIS WORLD fun activities and items to celebrate our legacy of Beads in Space! 

Just like all space endeavors have a mission, our mission at Beads of Courage, Inc. is to provide innovative Arts-in-Medicine Programs for children coping with serious illness. Every order in our shop helps make these programs possible and together we make healing happen! Thank you!

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DREAM Shuttle  (1 Activity & 1 Bracelet Making Kit)
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We invite you to DREAM with Courage Tiger - Draw & Relax: Embrace Art and the Mind  Featuring the Beads of Courage® Shuttle Bead and Bracelet Kit Beads of Courage® believes in the power of art, expression, and connection. Our dream is to encourage everyone to draw, relax, and embrace the healing power of art. When you DREAM with Courage Tiger you: ✔ have fun ✔ express creativity ✔ self-reflect ✔ feel connected to yourself and others ✔ receive the gift of a bead and its caring...

Moon Dust Bead - Artist Exclusive - Margaret Zinser Hunt - Lampwork glass bead embedded with real moon dust
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Moon Dust Bead - Artist-made lampwork glass bead embedded with real moon dust Be an OUT OF THIS WORLD supporter of our worldwide mission with your donation of $75 - We will send to you our Moon Dust Bead filled with our gratitude and genuine moon dust!This exclusive bead was designed by Beads of Courage Hall of Fame Bead Artist Margaret Zinser Hunt. It contains genuine moon dust generously provided by Geoff Notkin, founder of Aerolite Meteorites, Inc. The bead depicts a view of Earth, our...