Beads of Courage Polymer Clay Bead Making Kits offer caring individuals like you the opportunity to create the beads we need to help children who participate in the Beads of Courage program. Polymer clay bead making is a fun individual, family, or group activity for grown-ups and kids ages 10 and up, or younger children with adult guidance and supervision.

One of the most meaningful beads given to children receiving Beads of Courage is a handmade polymer clay bead known as a Member’s Choice bead. This special bead celebrates the long-awaited day that a child is discharged from the hospital, sometimes after weeks or months away from the comforts of home.

Each Polymer Clay Bead Making Kit includes enough materials and supplies for you to create 24 Member's Choice beads. After making the beads, you will return 20 beads and the matching art cards to Beads of Courage and keep 4 beads for your own collection. Each bead and art card will be lovingly packaged and sent to children's hospitals to help children and families commemorate their hospital discharge.

We have 5 Polymer Clay Bead Making Kits to choose from; each is $40 and includes:

  • Polymer Clay Bead-Making Kit (5 bead designs to choose from)
  • All the materials you need to make 24 beads - 20 to mail back to Beads of Courage and 4 to keep
  • 20 Art Cards to decorate
  • 4 Courage Clips – For the 4 beads you keep
  • A postage-paid return mailer to return your beads

You will find helpful videos to guide you through the bead making process at Please select your kits below. Happy bead making!