• 2023 Bead Strong Every Month - BSm42003p
  • 2023 Bead Strong Every Month - BSm42003p

NEW for 2023 

Lock in your opportunity for monthly self-care with our Bead Strong Program.

What you will receive:

  • A monthly mailing that includes a reflective art activity and a unique Bead Strong Bead
  • An exclusive Beads of Courage name strand
  • Access to the Beads of Courage Bead Strong Digital Resource Library
  • Invitation to RSVP for a virtual meet-up quarterly to join one of our Child Life Specialists for a one-hour session

Bead Strong was created to provide an experience in mindfulness. Mindfulness is achieved when an individual is able to calmly focus, be aware and accept one’s own thoughts and feelings. Each Bead Strong activity uses several different tools including mantras, art, breathwork and beads.

*Items will ship mid Jan 2023

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