*This artist exclusive bead glows in the dark!

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    July 2021 Bead of the Month - The Firefly Bead reminds you to let your happiness glow and shine bright

    About the Artist: Debora Sims has been donating beads to the children for over ten years. She was in the first group of bead artists enrolled in the Hall of Fame. Beads of Courage has sent her beads into outer space and on the Iditarod sled dog race. She has a grandson who was enrolled in the program and understands both the power and language of beads.

    Artist Inspiration:

    My grandchildren and I run around the lawn trapping these fairies of the insect world in cupped hands to catch a closer look. Their yellow-green lights, softly flash and transform the onset of a dark night into something altogether magical. The fireflies sparkle for only a few weeks in our summers here in the north east.

    But now, you can have a firefly of your own which will twinkle for you every night all through the year. To make him glow brightly, give him lots of bright light just before bedtime. No batteries needed!