We invite you to DREAM with Courage Tiger - Draw & Relax: Embrace Art and the Mind -Featuring the Beads of Courage® Celtic Knot Bead and Art Cards!


  • Celtic Knot DREAM Activity to complete
  • Backpack clip to string your Beads of Courage Celtic Knot Bead to keep
  • Celtic Knot Art Cards to decorate and return to BOC
  • Supplies for 10 people
  • Courage Tiger invites you to join our engaging & animated DREAM sessions that you can do alongside our virtual Child Life Specialist!

    Animated DREAM Session Library


  • Mail back your decorated Art Cards to Beads of Courage (postage-paid envelope included)
    • We will package your decorated Art Card with the Celtic Knot Bead
    • Your Art Card w/ the Celtic Knot Bead will be included in Celtic Knot DREAM Activities gifted to kids and youth coping with serious illness


  • Your order helps fund free DREAM activities to kids and youth coping with serious illness
  • Your kindness counts! -Your decorated art card will be sent with the DREAM activities to brighten someone's day while coping with serious illness
Price: $50.00
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    Beads of Courage® believes in the power of art, expression, and connection. Our dream is to encourage everyone to draw, relax, and embrace the healing power of art.

    When you DREAM with Courage Tiger you:

    ✔ have fun

    ✔ express creativity

    ✔ self-reflect

    ✔ feel connected to yourself and others

    ✔ receive the gift of a bead and its caring intention

    ✔ learn fun facts

    ✔ experience meaningful poetry

    ✔ give hospitalized kids and youth a chance to DREAM – your order helps give gift of DREAM activities to those coping with serious illness!

    ✔ Kindness counts! -This kit includes BOC Art Cards that promote service
    learning and compassion for others. Decorate BOC Art Cards with encouraging pictures and they will be packaged with the DREAM Activity Beads we gift to kids and youth in the hospital. Postage paid return
    envelopes included.