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    September 2021 Bead of the Month - The Autumn Joy Bead reminds you to stop, look, and listen to find joy in your surroundings

    Artist Inspiration: There's no place as colorful as New England in Autumn: The beautiful blue sky above you, the smell of freshly pressed apple cider, the swirl of brilliant color as falling leaves dance in the wind, the sound when they crunch underfoot. It's truly a joy for the senses.

    About the Artist: Diana Spiller has spent her entire life dabbling in art, (pottery, fabric, sketching, fused glass, painting, etc) but when she discovered beadmaking 10 years ago she truly fell in love! “I loved the torch, the glass and, oh my, all the wonderful colors and so much ‘sparkly stuff’! I was introduced to Beads of Courage five year ago in a class. At the time my son-in-law was newly recovered from AML. After seeing what a family goes through during such an illness I immediately knew that BOC would be the perfect home for my beads.”