Beads of Courage is honored to be collaborating with two international organizations on the ground in Europe that care for refugee and orphaned children evacuated from Ukraine due to the ongoing conflict in that country.

Beginning on World Kindness Day, we are offering a special-edition Carry a Bead kit. Each Ukraine Carry a Bead kit includes two blue and yellow beads to carry or wear during an activity of your choosing, and a sunflower-themed encouragement card to sign and return with one of your carried beads. Blue and yellow are the national colors of Ukraine, while sunflowers are the national flower and one of the many ways the world is showing solidarity with the Ukrainian people.

The bead you carry and return will be given to a child impacted by the war in Ukraine, bringing them your love and encouragement. Your bead will be sent with additional arts-in-medicine support materials provided by Beads of Courage. Together, we will provide urgently needed emotional and psychosocial support to refugee and orphaned Ukrainian children through the uplifting and healing power of art.

Our Partners:

Beads of Courage is working with a child life specialist on the ground in Poland who is helping pediatric cancer patients evacuated from Ukraine. Our contact on the ground says, "On the first of March I urgently left Ukraine with my kids due to the Russian invasion. I arrived in Poland and joined a project that provides medical evacuation of kids with cancer and their families. I work here as a psychosocial specialist and provide social support to Ukrainian families. This work saved me. I didn’t have time to cry and think about all the terrible things. I am so thankful to Beads of Courage. It’s so crucial to see how the whole world has come together to support us and your project is evidence for it. Thank you so much for your caring. Every word gives hope and belief during this terrifying war."

Earthlings Hub:
Earthlings Hub provides education for Ukrainian refugee children, led by a dedicated team of scientists, educators, and psychologists. They are actively working with 23 orphanages, helping children who were evacuated to the Lviv region of Ukraine, close to the Polish border. Earthlings Hub was founded in March 2022 to address the educational needs of families and orphanages displaced by the war in Ukraine. While dealing with the loss of their parents, many of these children also experience PTSD, difficulty sleeping, nightmares, fear of loud noises, and other ongoing consequences of the conflict taking place in their country.

Our contact on the ground states, "Our classes have already helped relieve children’s anxiety, take their minds off their grim circumstances into the great expanses of the Universe, support their interest in life, ignite their curiosity, and raise their hopes for the future of humanity. In the longer term, we believe that gaining the scientific perspective would be particularly valuable for supporting the social and professional adjustment of these displaced and traumatized children."