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    Beads of CourageĀ® Sibling Program honors, supports, and acknowledges siblings who have a brother or sister with a serious illness. It provides encouragement to the sibling who needs to know that they are not alone during a very challenging time for their family, and an experience where parents, caregivers and/or clinicians can offer encouragement, foster opportunities for communication and emotional support. 

    Each kit includes: 

    •  A colorful program book the explains the program and means of the beads provided to the sibling
    • A facilitator guide to support the parent, guardian, special adult or clinician who will use the program with the sibling
    • 25 unique beads that each have a unique intention specifically for siblings
    • 25 collector cards that include the bead intention and promote sibling self-reflection, encouragement, communication, and emotional support.

    Unit Qty: 1 unit supports 20 siblings