School Event Beads
COVID-19 may have canceled or postponed your spring events at school, but we're here to help you celebrate these important milestones with our charming Graduation and Prom beads!

For a limited time only, we are offering one school event bead for just $5, or get both for $8! (20% off multiple beads)
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    Prom Bead: On prom night, everyone can be a king or queen! The crown bead represents your playful spirit, dignity, and importance on this magical night. Even if you did not attend prom in person, be happy and stay positive. You are amazing!

    Graduation Bead: Whether you're graduating from preschool, college, or any academic graduation -- Congratulations as you celebrate a special milestone in your life! We hope this bead reminds you of all the personal accomplishments that have led you to this moment. We are proud of you!

    While these beads are a meaningful addition to our members' bead strands, you do not have to be a Beads of Courage member to order them and they can be gifted to anyone.