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    Festival VIP Virtual Guest Bundle

    The 3rd Annual Beads, Blues and Beer Festival benefiting Beads of Courage is coming up in Tucson on Saturday, February 8. We know it's not possible for everyone to attend in person, but we still want you to be a Festival VIP Guest!

    For a limited time, we are offering a Festival VIP Virtual Guest Bundle especially for those who can't join us in person. You will receive two exclusive limited-edition items otherwise available only to our in-person guests:

    Sassy Bird Bead Pendant - Sassy Bird is the new Official Beads of Courage Festival Mascot and these beads have never been offered before! Each bead features a unique design created by glass bead artist Suzanne Cancilla-Fox, who will be inducted into the Bead Artist Hall of Fame during the 2020 Beads, Blues and Beer Festival. We hope the Sassy Bird bead pendant reminds you that life is full of simple joys. Don't let anything ruffle your feathers!

    2020 Festival T-Shirt - Don't miss out on this opportunity to get the collectible 2020 Beads, Blues and Beer Festival T-Shirt, available only to our VIP guests and sponsors. This popular shirt features the Festival logo and, of course, Sassy Bird! Wear it with pride as our VIP Virtual Guest and we'll drink a toast to you on February 8!