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    Nudibranch Custom Carry a Bead Kits – Bead Artist Exclusive!

    What’s a nudibranch, you ask? According to National Geographic, the nudibranch (pronounced NEW-dih-bronk), is considered one of the most beautiful animals in the world!

    These colorful sea creatures live in shallow tropical waters and eat coral, sponges, and fish eggs off the ocean floor. There are more than 3,000 species of nudibranchs and they are famous for their spectacular colors and patterns. To see some photos of real nudibranchs, click here.

    Beads of Courage Hall of Fame bead artist Jackie Marr has created a very limited quantity of nudibranch matched bead pairs exclusively for our Carry a Bead program. Wear them to a summertime event or activity of your choosing, then return one bead to us with a brief note for the child who will receive the bead you carried. Keep the other bead as our thank-you gift to you!

    Each time you Carry a Bead, you support the mission of Beads of Courage with your $15 donation AND encourage a child in our program with the bead you carry and return. The bead you return will be packaged with your note of encouragement and given to a child on a tough treatment day or to celebrate a treatment milestone. All instructions are included in the kit.

    Once you Carry a Bead, you are an official member of Team Beads of Courage! Be sure to follow our Team Beads of Courage Facebook Page to share your Carry a Bead adventures and connect with other team members!