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    About the Bead: "When my son was little, I would say to him at night while tucking him in, 'I love you to the moon and back.' He would repeat it, often extending the distance even more … 'I love you to Pluto and back,' and we would have a good giggle about it and then I would kiss him goodnight. I wanted this bead to represent that phrase, which really is all about the enormous capacity we have to love someone, and also about how deeply we are loved as well." – Lisa Hanley, bead artist

    About the Artist:
    Lisa Hanley has loved glass art her whole life. In 2010 she shifted from just appreciating glass creations to actually making them herself in her studio in Bellevue, Washington. Eureka! She finds joy in making bright, colorful beads as well as silly animals. She is honored to create beads for Beads of Courage and hopes her beads bring many smiles to kids all over the country.