Beads of Courage, Inc. believes that every bead given provides an opportunity for a caring transaction to transpire. 
We are grateful to be a part of Intuit's We Care and Give Back Program.
Thank you for the commitment Intuit employees have already made to help support the emotional needs of children coping with cancer and serious illness.
We are grateful for your support as together we make healing happen through the gift of symbolic beads.

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    Beads of Courage Art Card Kit- Courage

    Express your creativity and bring cheer to children coping with serious illness. Decorate art cards that will be lovingly packaged with a unique bead to give to children in the Beads of Courage Program while receiving treatment for a serious illness.

    This Art Card Kit contains:
     • 20 art cards to decorate and return to Beads of Courage in a postage-paid return envelope

    The Beads of Courage® Courage Bead on a courage clip to keep
                       – 20 Beads of Courage Members will soon receive this same bead packaged with your handmade Art Cards!

    The Beads of Courage Courage Bead
     has the word Courage on one side and three symbols on the other side: a heart, a star, and a flower. It serves as a gentle reminder of three inspiring ideas represented by these cheerful symbols: 

    Always be good to yourself.
    Star: Stay inspired. You are one of kind. The world needs you.
    Take time to tend to the joys we experience through friendship. It takes courage to care for others and ourselves.

    Please post pics of your decorated Art Cards using the hashtag #beadsofcourage on social media!