• Hiking Carry a Bead Kit - CABHIKE1000p1
  • Hiking Carry a Bead Kit - CABHIKE1000p1
  • Hiking Carry a Bead Kit - CABHIKE1000p1

With your support, we help children and teens coping with serious illness stay encouraged during their treatment journey. Get out and explore, carry a bead on your hike and send some encouragement to our BOC members!

What you receive:

  • Custom Beads of Courage Carry a Bead kit. Each Carry a Bead kit includes two handmade glass beads and our Exclusive Team Beads of Courage Charm.
  • Bonus! The Hike CarryaBead kit comes with an exclusive “Advice from a hiker” sticker from Your True Nature!

    Bring the sights and sounds of your favorite hike to our BOC members. Carry a bead and text photos or videos to us to share. Text "CAB" to 520-366-3431
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    Beads of Courage is here celebrating National Trails Day with our new Hiking Carry a Bead Kit reminding us to get out and explore and make your hike more meaningful when you Carry a Bead.

    What you will do (The instructions come inside the kit too): You will receive a Beads of Courage Hiking Carry a Bead Kit. Wear the matching beads during a hike and exploring the trails wherever you are. Take pictures and even video wearing your shiny new beads. Share on social media using #carryabead, Text "CAB" to 520-366-3431 or email carryabead@beadsofcourage.org to share your photos and videos with us!

    Once your hiking Carry a Bead experience is complete, you will mail one of the two beads back to Beads of Courage. The bead you return packaged with your complete story card (sharing specifics of your hike and some encouragement) will be given to a child or teen who receives Beads of Courage to encourage them on a tough treatment day.