This DREAM Activity includes our Beads of Courage Tiger bead. Courage Tiger invites you to join our engaging & animated DREAM session that you can do alongside our virtual Child Life Specialist!

Animated DREAM Session Library

Take time out of your day to be kind to yourself and DREAM big! 

(September 21, 2023 - Virtual DREAM Session - featured this activity!)

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    We invite you to DREAM with Courage Tiger - Draw & Relax: Embrace Art and the Mind 

    Featuring the Beads of Courage® Tiger Bead!

    Beads of Courage® believes in the power of art, expression, and connection. Our dream is to encourage everyone to draw, relax, and embrace the healing power of art.

    When you DREAM with Courage Tiger you:

    ✔ have fun

    ✔ express creativity

    ✔ self-reflect

    ✔ feel connected to yourself and others

    ✔ receive the gift of a bead and its caring intention

    ✔ learn fun facts

    ✔ experience meaningful poetry

    Each DREAM Activity includes our Beads of Courage Tiger Bead paired with it's intention card. It is our hope that they provide a dose of encouragement when needed most!