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    "The Art of Baking for the People You Love" is an exclusive cookbook benefiting Beads of Courage.

    For a donation of just $14, you will receive 15 treasured recipes from our founder's family.

    The cookbook contains favorite recipes compiled by the Gribbon Girls to share with you. This fun fundraiser supports our mission and also makes a great gift!

    "Inspiration for the cookbook comes with fond memories of our mother Ethel and our oldest sister Barb. Both cared deeply for the volunteers and staff at Beads of Courage. Like true 'Gribbon Girls,' they both expressed this caring and love through homemade food to nurture.

    "Weekly, sometimes two or three times a week, they would bring a homemade baked dessert - or 'bars,' as we say in Minnesota - to Beads of Courage headquarters to share with our community of caring people tending to the mission of Beads of Courage.

    "It brings our family great joy to share these treasured recipes with you while expressing another ART in our Arts-in-Medicine mission � the art of feeding people beautiful food that is so essential to maintaining the human spirit." -- The Gribbon Family

    Foreword by Deb Gaustad (Gribbon), sister of Jean Gribbon:

    "Pie, perhaps the most coveted American dessert, was a mainstay in our home growing up. Like our mother before us, and her mother before her, the art of pie making began at an early age. No dinner was complete without a slice of pie or something homebaked. It was understood in our home that a meal was considered a necessity, but a slice of pie for dessert was a sign of affection. Our late mother Ethel and oldest sister Barb would prepare pie or some type of homebaked goods almost weekly for our volunteers at Beads of Courage headquarters."