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    April Bead of the Month – The Earth Bead reminds you that YOU make the world a better place!

    About the Bead:
    “I've always been inspired by images of the Earth from outer space and how it looks like a glass bead but is in constant motion – clouds moving, earth shifting, rivers flowing. It makes me remember that, while things keep moving and changing, it is still Earth and I have a place in it. We all have a place on this moving bead because we are all unique and important.” – Audra Delashmutt, bead artist

    About the Artist:
    Audra Delashmutt lives in Illinois with her family and furry studio helpers. She has been making beads since the early 2000s and has been making beads for Beads of Courage since 2017. Audra loves that her beads can put a smile on the faces of the recipients and help them tell their story.