The second in the series of five collections of pendants created to commemorate the Beads of Courage 20th Anniversary!

There are 100 pendants, created by Margaret Zinser Hunt, exclusively for Beads of Courage. 

Staff will fill yours with love and caring and send out one of the 100 we have in our collection!

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    Artist statement: To celebrate Bead of Courage's (BOC) 20th, I wanted to honor the wide network of those that make BOC successful: nurses and clinicians, artists, families, volunteers, staff, and, of course, the kids that participate in BOC programs. Each of these communities engages with BOC in different, but all deeply meaningful ways. That’s why I chose to create an abstract style that allows the imagination to wander. Does each bead represent a universe, a planet, a landscape, a cloudy sky, or a microcosm? Make it what you wish. I added emerald greens because emerald is the gem to represent a 20th anniversary, and perhaps here it also represents growth, change, and success. Sky blue was included of course as a lovely contrast, but also to represent a limitless sky, calm water, or an inspired mind.   

    Happy anniversary, Beads of Courage.

    Artist Bio:  
    Margaret Zinser Hunt has been making beads since 2001. With “formal” training in Entomology, Margaret uses insect imagery and inspiration in her work, mostly focusing on butterflies. A strong advocate of arts in the community, Margaret volunteered on the Boards of Directors of Tucson nonprofits Beads of Courage and Sonoran Glass School for over a decade. She is motivated, inspired, and deeply grateful to be part of such a committed community of fellow artists and volunteers. Her work can be found at

    In 2021, after 21 years in Tucson, Margaret and her family relocated to Northwestern Ohio. Margaret and her husband own and operate Bloom & Bower (, a Bed & Breakfast and wedding venue on their country estate.