We invite you to DREAM with Courage Tiger! 

(Draw & Relax: Embrace Art and the Mind)

  • engage in a fun art experience
  • express creativity
  • self-reflect
  • feel connected to yourself and others
  • receive the gift of a bead and its caring intention
  • learn fun facts
  • experience meaningful poetry

Register here for all sessions: https://bit.ly/2023DREAMSessio...

Materials include:

    • 4 DREAM activities with their corresponding DREAM Bead: 
      • Celtic knot - Featured Activity for 3/15/23 Virtual DREAM Session 
      • Sunface - Featured Activity for 6/15/23 Virtual DREAM Session!
      • Origami Crane - Featured Activity for 12/21/23 Virtual DREAM Session
      • Courage
    • Colored pencils ($5 valued gift included!)
    • A DREAMcatcher to keep close the DREAM beads that will remind you of your reflections and “dreams” from each activity.

    Missed the Virtual DREAM Sessions? Check out our DREAM animation library! Our Virtual Child Life Specialist is waiting to guide you through your DREAM Activities!

    Take time out of your day to be kind to yourself and DREAM big! Makes a great gift!

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