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    The Courage Tiger plushie measures approximately 11" and is soft and cuddly. His tag reads, "Courage Tiger is here with hope and strength, and to offer you a hug when you need a friend."

    About Courage Tiger, our tenacious mascot
    When Beads of Courage was choosing a mascot, we knew right away that we wanted it to be a tiger. Why? Because tigers embody all the traits we see in our members: courage, tenacity, resilience, and strength.

    Although our mascot is friendly, he is also fierce when it comes to carrying out his mission! Courage Tiger is our collective voice. He shares stories of the personal strength and courage of the children, families and clinicians we serve, and the impact of the Beads of Courage organization around the world.

    In real life, tigers roar to communicate with others and make their presence known. Order your Courage Tiger plushies today -- and don't forget to share your selfies!