Beads of CourageĀ® Bead Strong activities encourage participants to Bead Strong in mind, body, and spirit. Each unique Bead Strong activity uses three components that are grounded in mindfulness: a mantra, a mindful art activity and a basic breathing technique. The experience promotes mindfulness, self-reflection, communication and creative expression.

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    • Joy-Live each moment with love and laughter
    • Courage-Just keep swimming
    • Peace-Ride the wave
    • Life-Spread your wings and fly
    • Life-Be your true self
    • Inspire-Find your inspiration
    • Laughter-Humor can be healing
    • Spirit-Shine Bright
    • Hope-Live a balanced life
    • Love-Give thanks and spread the love
    • Strength-Smell the flowers
    • Courage-Plant your roots and grow
    • Bead Strong 12 Activity Assortment (1 activity of each)

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    Beads of CourageĀ® Bead Strong activities encourage participants to Bead Strong in mind, body, and spirit by teaching children in treatment, their families and friends, as well as the clinicians who support them how mindfulness can be an important life skill that can serve them in their daily life.

    12 Bead Strong activities are available for use as a therapeutic support for various in person or virtual settings: one-on-one with clinician, groups, workshops, support groups, staff support, and events. Includes facilitator guide.

    Each Bead Strong Activity focuses on theme such as: 

    Live each moment with love and laughter - guided imagery and loving who you are

    Just keep swimming - overcoming challenges, and embracing positive coping skills

    Ride the wave -  overcoming fear and finding courage

    Spread your wings and fly - change, transformation, growth and managing the ups and downs in life

    Be your true self - finding personal identity, individuality, and the importance of "just being you"

    Find your inspiration - self reflection and following your inspirations

    Humor can be healing - laughter as a way to help the mind, body, and spirit

    Shine bright - individuality, embracing talents, and enjoying what you love which allows you to shine

    Live a balanced life - finding balance, practicing mindfulness, and finding positivity during difficult times

    Smell the flowers - finding happiness during hard times

    Give thanks and spread the love - remembering the good during hard times, being thankful, and showing gratitude

    Plant your roots and growphysical and emotional growth and finding strengths

    $75 for set of 10 (supports 10 people)

    $90 for an assorted set of 12 (1 of each activity-supports 12 people)