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    We value your partnership! 

    You are making beautiful beads for us coast to coast, which are transformed into coveted Act of Courage beads and given to our members on tough treatment days. Your support makes our arts-in-medicine programs possible! We now have over 60,000 Beads of Courage members in 9 countries! That's a lot of tough treatment days and a lot of children and teens in need of a boost of encouragement. 

    What is a Bead Ready Kit?

    For Glass Bead Artists who are inspired to make beads for Beads of Courage, our Bead ready Kits include packaging and promotional materials for our Carry a Bead Kits. You add the important pieces: Two matching handmade beads filled with encouragement! 

    For a 100% tax deductible donation, you will receive - based on your selection: 

    • 10 Bead Ready Kits for $50
    • 20 Bead ready Kits for $100
    • 50 Bead ready Kits for $250

    Sell the CAB Kits at shows, online and to your family and friends for $15.

    Please click here for our Carry a Bead - Bead Making Guidelines found on our Bead Donation webpage.