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    November 2021 Bead of the Month - The Autumn Maple Leaf Bead reminds you to enjoy the beautiful colors of fall!

    Artist Inspiration: "I wanted to make a bright and cheery transparent bead. A maple leaf shape of thin copper foil is suspended between layers of transparent glass with a background of fall foliage. Copper turns bright red when slathered with screaming hot clear glass reminding me of the leaves changing colors in the fall. This bead has a lot of depth because the face of the bead is shaped like a lens while the back is flat and full of colorful frit." - Bead Artist, Debora Sims

      About the Artist: Debora Sims has been donating beads to the children for over ten years. She was in the first group of bead artists enrolled in the Hall of Fame. Beads of Courage has sent her beads into outer space and on the Iditarod sled dog race. She has a grandson who was enrolled in the program and understands both the power and language of beads.