• BOC Pendant - Artist Exclusive by Andrew Thornton - AEm0065p
  • BOC Pendant - Artist Exclusive by Andrew Thornton - AEm0065p
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    Released at our 2021 Beads, Beer, and Blues Festival

    About the Artist:
     Andrew Thornton is a professional fine artist, writer, and jewelry designer. His work can be seen in private collections around the globe. He is a regular contributor to industry-related books, magazines, and TV. Andrew is also the co-owner and Creative Director of Allegory Gallery in Ligonier, PA.

    Artist Statement: When I see birds in flight, I always marvel at this ability. I know there is science behind it, but it always feels so miraculous. There’s such a profound sense of awe witnessing a bird lift off from the earth and take to the vastness of the sky. I imagine it takes courage - tiny hearts beating fiercely, taking on something so big and unknowable. Sometimes when I’m frustrated or having a bad day, I think of birds in flight. I think of them flying above, soaring beyond the troubles … full of hope, full of freedom, and full of courage.