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    Gold Cardinal Bead - 2021 APHON Dedication Bead

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    Gold Cardinal Charm

    Intention: Throughout centuries and cultures, cardinals have been seen as symbols of many good things, including courage, confidence, clarity, life, health, hope and joy. Some believe a cardinal sighting is a sign of a message from an angel or loved one. One thing cardinals are known for is their beautiful song. Loud, confident and passionate, it is designed to get attention!

     Gift to Hematology - Oncology Nurses. 
    Beads of Courage and Northwestern Mutual are honored to recognize your commitment and dedication with the 2021 Gold Cardinal Bead Dedication. Thank you for always speaking up and having the courage to care for children and teens coping with cancer and hematological disorders.

    Advice from a Cardinal TM

    Stand out in a crowd
    Go out on a limb
    Be a bright spot in others’ lives
    Speak up!
    Be home before dark
    Add color to your life
    It’s OK to be a little flashy!

    Used with permission ©Ilan Shamir 2021   MYADVICEFORLIFE.COM